Founded in 1892 as First Congregational Church of Hubbard

Visit us ... for just one Sunday or for a life-long faith journey.


Who We Are...

The United Church of Christ is the 17th largest faith group in the United States, with 1.55 million members. We value independence in thought and theology; our history goes back to the Pilgrims. We are strong advocates for justice and peace, and have been ordaining women clergy since 1848. Famous UCCers? Bill Moyer, Bill Gates, Andrew Young, and Oprah Winfrey all attend UCC churches.

We take scripture seriously but with an open mind, studying the Bible through the lens of the best understandings of human experience and modern scholarship, guided by prayer;

We understand the Christian faith is a lifetime process, not a point of arrival, that faith is a matter of continuing conversions of the heart;

We seek to find and follow a vision of what Christianity is and might become, rather than solely continuing allegiance to a memory of what Christianity has been.

You are welcome to send us a prayer request.

Reaching Out to Our Community

Worldwide, part of our budget supports the work of the United Church of Christ in feeding, clothing, housing, and nursing those in need. Short term and long term, from Appalachia to Ethiopia, from Samoa to a Sioux Indian Reservation, the UCC helps others help themselves in leading more productive and fulfilling lives.

For more information visit the official webpage of the United Church of Christ or the Central Pacific Conference of the United Church of Christ.

Why Visit Us? 

come be with us. We seek to understand the great teachings of the Bible in terms of the joys and challenges of modern, workplace, social issues and world citizenship.

IF YOU WANT TO SHARE worship, fellowship and growth with friends who try their best to be fully  accepting of all God's creation, come and be a part of our unique congregation.

IF YOU ARE TROUBLED by the sometimes arrogant and even cruel actions of organized religious groups, help us to build a just and loving community as we study, pray, and practice in the promise of God's love.

LOOKING FOR SOME FUN? So are we! We try to have a good time laughing... at ourselves and sharing the joy of God.

IF YOU CARE DEEPLY about being a part of a community that is open and affirming, welcoming of all races, age groups, sexual orientations and cultural identities, so do we! We seek to be a church that is fully accessible to all.